Welcome to the online home of Sing Together - Naturally! 

Sing Together – Naturally was founded in 2007 by Stuart and Linda Butterworth and exists for anyone, of any age, background or ability who enjoys singing - whether they consider themselves to be a ‘singaphobic’, an expert, or somewhere in between; however, it does not require people to audition or to attend regularly. 

Who can join Sing Together - Naturally?

Absolutely anybody! There are no auditions, there is no pressure, and there is no requirement to be able to read music. It is just lots of fun! Maybe you would like to sing, but haven't got around to it because you:

  • have been told by others not to sing
  • are too shy to sing, even if people tell you that you have a great voice
  • think you are not good enough to join a choir
  • cannot commit to regular choir rehearsals
  • don't know your voice type
  • haven't much time
  • thought there were no opportunities to sing
  • cannot read music
  • don't want to sing a limited range of styles
  • are a bloke and you think that singing is not for blokes

   What to expect in a typical Sing Together - Naturally session

  • A wide range of songs to cater for different backgrounds, abilities and ages.
  • Warm ups – fun ways we can prepare our bodies and voices for singing.
  • Rounds – a relatively easy way of singing in two or more parts.
  • Partner songs – songs which when sung together will harmonize with each other.
  • Songs from a variety of cultures and traditions.
  • 'Daft' songs.
  • Simple “Doo – wop” style harmony parts.

Sing Together - Naturally might be just what you are looking for!  Sing Together - Naturally gives you the opportunity to sing with like-minded people whenever you can find the time to come along. It’s not just about singing, it is also about well-being and community. 

We meet once a month  (please click on the 'Diary' page for dates and times).  You can click on the 'Contacts' page if you want to email or speak to us; alternatively just turn up on the night: again, click on the 'Contacts' page for a map.   Admission is £2, includes refreshments and all monies are donated to a local village hall or community charity.