More about Sing Together - Naturally!

What is Sing Together – Naturally?

Sing Together - Naturally accepts that not everyone can read music, not everyone can sing in tune, and not everyone has yet made contact with their singing voice. However, by being accepting of everyone as individuals, who are all equal in their desire to sing, Sing Together - Naturally has proven that most people can acquire singing skills at least to a level where they can enjoy themselves immensely.

Sing Together - Naturally activities include:

  • Lots of singing
  • Lots of fun!
  • No auditions
  • Personal fulfilment
  • No need to read music
  • Establish new friendships

There seems to be a prevailing school of thought among a lot of people that they are not cut out for singing. For example, have you ever heard anyone say: “I can’t hold a tune in a bucket!”, or “I can’t sing for toffee!”?  I want to help change this thinking and these wrongly-held beliefs and show that it is possible for everyone to sing.

Why singing is natural

Singing tunefully comes easier to some than to others, but generally everyone can 'tune up' given patience and encouragement. Being immersed in a friendly and accepting environment where you can be yourself is a perfect way to put you on the path to an improved voice, even for the most 'off-key' person. Singing actually uses muscles in the body that become better and stronger after frequent use. Every human being is a walking wind instrument. It's just a matter of knowing how to play it. Never despair.

Singing is a very personal and emotional expression. It is a universal language that has the capacity to bring people together in friendship. Just think about it: people sing all over the world! Every country has its own songs. Although different cultures make different types of music, the fact that they all sing makes them equal in their desire to express themselves through singing. Singing is therefore a natural and wonderful way of connecting and communicating with other people.