Health Benefits

I’m not just saying that you can sing. I’m also suggesting you should! There are a lot of benefits that come with singing, especially with participation in group singing. It might surprise you to know that singing brings you a lot of health benefits, both physically and mentally. I am happy to list a few benefits for you as food for thought.

A growing body of research demonstrates singing brings health benefits, such as:

  • improved lung function
  • improved posture
  • increased alertness and focus
  • enhanced immune systems
  • reduced stress levels

Probably the most overlooked physical benefit is an improvement in listening.

Emotional benefits of singing are:

  • improved mood
  • feeling more positive and spiritually uplifted
  • building self confidence
  • attaining an increased sense of well-being
  • releasing our feelings

The best thing is: everyone can do it!

Sing Together - Naturally is based on the idea that everyone, regardless of age, ability or background, should be given the opportunity to sing in a welcoming and supportive environment. All people have an equal right to sing.