More Feedback

"Great fun - very inspiring to see the intergenerationality of the group!"

" Sing Together is 'fab' - Good for lifting (your) mood and general all round bounciness." 

"So much fun!"

"I don't know why it took so long (to be brave enough) to come - Enjoyed every minute."

"Brilliant choice of songs - Brilliant teaching - Thank you!"

"This was my first time - I had a super time - Really enjoyed myself - I'll be back!"

"Brilliant - Haven't enjoyed myself so much for ages."

"It was a super event bringing different age groups together - Atmosphere: brilliant!"

"Stuart, you made it what it is - A great night!"

"A fun evening and very uplifting - Can't wait until the next one!"

"Really enjoyed it and will be back - Fantastic!"

"You got my 'tone-deaf' husband, who has been frightened to sing all his life, SINGING!"

"Really enjoyed my first 'Sing Together' - great fun, lots of smiles!"

"Fun, energising and a really good atmosphere - brings you out of yourself!"

"Fantastic fun - thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was so friendly - I should have tried months ago!"

"Thoroughly enjoyed every minute, haven't sung like that for 21 years.  Such a variation - Loved it!"

"Great variety, very lively, enthusiastic participation by all."

"I didn't know what to expect, but as the singing went on I quickly became confident"

"Thoroughly enjoyable experience with a definite feel good factor.  Would like to do more."

"First time here and really enjoyed myself.  Great fun - I will definitely be back."

"Excellent - great range of songs - good atmosphere.  Well done you, and well done us!"

"Nice welcome, made to feel part of the group.  Fun, friendly and enjoyable."

"It was great to have the harmonies and parts.  I felt very clever!!!  I laughed a great deal but I sang as well."

"Mum and I really enjoyed this.  We'll be back!"

"We thoroughly enjoyed the evening, so much so that this is a return visit for us - from Cumbria - as we so enjoyed the last one in June.  We hope to make it again in September - Wonderful!!"

"An extremely enjoyable experience.  Good fun, uplifting.  Excellent Leader!"

"Very enjoyable and an extremely positive experience - It has empowered me to take up singing again!"

"I have really enjoyed my first session - great fun, and a challenge.  Would definitely like to come again."

"A marvellous opportunity to shake out the cobwebs after a dull, grey day.  Cannot believe two hours have passed."

"I've had a wonderful evening.  Lovely to sing in a group - not just in the bath!  I wish I had started coming last year."

"Very enjoyable - first time here and I will definitely come back!"

"This has been my first evening and I hope it will not be my last!  I had a wonderful time, I loved the pace and the music was very varied.  But most of all the people are lovely, so friendly.  A big Thank You!"

"This was a very enjoyable way to spend a Friday evening.  Everyone enjoyed participating and the atmosphere was warm and jolly."

Thoroughly enjoyable - haven't sung for ages.  Nice to see the mixed age group.  I enjoyed the pace of the evening and the way we moved on quickly from song to song."

"Well done leader - lot's of energy and enthusiasm - just what's needed."

"I enjoyed the Christmas Special very much - it brought back memories of years ago."

"I haven't sung so much since I was a child!  It really has a 'feel-good' atmosphere and I really enjoyed myself.  I will definitely be back.  Thank you."

"Most enjoyable evening.  Well worth travelling from Dumfries."

"Sing Together was something I had seen advertised on several occasions and never actually managed to attend.  However, tonight I was initiated and now I think I will be well and truly hooked!  Thank you for the most AMAZING evening - best time I've had in ages!"

"Superb - Really enjoyed it.  It did what it said on the tin!  Looking forward to more - this was the first time for my wife and I."

"We went home happy - Thanks.  We shall return.  You are just 'brill'!"

"Very light hearted and enjoyable - Great teacher - We will be back."

"Thoroughly enjoyed the evening - enjoyed the fast pace - but would equally like the voicewaves format - will see you again!"

"My first visit - Thoroughly enjoyed the evening."

"Really enjoyed the event which was new to me.  The intergenerational perspective is so worthwhile and uniting in the macro and micro - family and community.  Thanks for the initiative and FUN!"