Sing Together Stories

Personal, anonymous testimonies from Sing Together 'regulars'

"It's always good to make music, especially in a group.  Stuart makes the sessions fun and satisfying.  It is good to be in a group that is so inclusive.  As a person with Bi-Polar disorder I seek out 'grounding' activities that involve the whole person - this is one of them."

"Sing Together has helped enormously with my mental health (depression).  I decided to be happy!  Enlisted for singing and dancing.  I am now just fine - stronger, better and happy.  Thank you.  Sing Together is:....... Uplifting, Loving (Stuart, Linda and Family), Funny, Healthy, and Happy.  Thanks - we appreciate what you do very much x."

"I used to sing whilst doing the dishes with my Dad - when he died - so did the singing!  So now, I'm singing, I'm feeling better mentally, physically , I want to socialize again and I've found my voice!"

"My son is disabled and needs all of my attention.  He is a brilliant wee boy and I feel blessed to have him but this is the first time I've done something for me and I'm enjoying it very much.  I think music is very important in many ways and I'm conviced if I hadn't sung to my son, he would never have been able to speak.  He can sing sentences easier than he can say them.  Sing Together is fun, very relaxed and friendly."

"I benefit in several ways - I have loads of new aquaintances, have 'bumped into' old friends and renewed a couple of contacts from years ago - plenty to chat about.  I am not the most confident of people but this gives me a safe place to mix as we have a ready-made topic of conversation.  I have endured a couple of bouts of depression in the past and, following the death of my Father and then my Mother-in-law in the space of four months in 2007 I knew I had to keep an eye on my mental well-being.  I can assure you that attending Sing Together and Voicewaves has been a successful part of my strategy - and it's simply good fun!"

"I don't call myself a 'singer' and didn't tell anyone I was coming the first time in case they laughed!  This is a really welcoming group, Stuart and Linda also made me feel 'at home'.  It is for people who enjoy singing but are not necessarily 'singers'  The group is led (with great humour) through a wide variety of songs - you will sing as never before - and that's in a good way!"

"Sing Together and Voicewaves:  1.  Physically - Improves my posture and breathing, lifts my spirits and my mood, gives a sense of belonging to a group, deepens friendships and provides an opportunity to meet new people.  2.  Vocally - Develops my vocal skills (I think) very much and boosts my confidence in singing.  3.  Spiritually - Makes me feel really 'connected' to a spiritual element and produces wonderful moments when the hairs on the back of your neck tingle and nothing else exists except the music"

"Please give Sing Together - Naturally! a try.  It's a wonderful group and really does make you feel glad that you made the effort to go.  It doesn't matter if you think you can't sing - there are enough people there who can and they cover up your mistakes!  In any case nobody minds if you miss a note.  It's a group of people of all ages and abilities singing together under the guidance of a very talented leader who manages to keep everyone going in different parts.  It sounds great!"